From the director, Nathan Lang

- How I got started

I first started to do this because I had an iPhone back in 2007, and I just love using it.
During may 2007 I dropped my iPhone 3 times in a roll within a month. (image right )

The phone survived the first 2 drop without much physical damage, but the 3rd drop cracked
the screen very badly (image right)

I can find no business to repair the iPhone for anything less than $300 dollars, (image right)
when I was making only $700 per week then. I can't afford but have to find a way to fix the broken
iPhone myself, because I relied on it for my business email when I'm on the road.

Luckly, being a sourcing director at Laptopbattery.co.nz and numerous other company, I had
some great suppliers relationship in China, also a shipping forwarder who can find me the supplier
of anything made in China...
A week later the new part arrived and I repaired the phone myself.

- Start of Partsurf as a Company

Being business concious, I started selling parts on Trademe (I am the first in NZ to start selling
iPhone parts on Trademe) and teaching other people on how to get started repairing their own
iphones, I enjoyed the high margin (still cheaper than the rest) of phone repair for about three to
six months.

Good things don't last, my ex-employer (laptopbattery.co.nz) had found out I've been selling the
phone parts for a good margin, they started to buy the parts in and selling on trademe and quite
a few other Chinese and kiwis started selling it on Trademe.

However what I have noticed is that many phones have come in from my customers, who purchased
parts from Trademe. Some of them were sent 3G LCD for 3GS iPhones, while they ordered the 3G LCD,
but the sellers are not technical enough nor care enough about it, the result is that the customer's LCD
socket on the motherboard is permanently damaged.See testimonials for this case here.
I also found out people are selling non-apple genuine parts on Trademe, as they can't tell whether it's
genuine or not when it's coming from China

I have direct and exclusive contact with some of the factories for Apple, therefore I'm able to obtain a steady
stream of supply and be guaranteed genuine part.
You can find out how to tell whether the part is genuine or not here:

Being in business for long, I fully understood the quality is the KEY
Margin is not everything, and the brand and good word of mouth is the
only thing tangible thing left at the end of day.

I found out later 90% of the seller who's selling iPhone parts on trademe have NEVER repaired an iphone,
they are just interested in the money. Where my concern is people getting a good deal and the phone would not
get dumped into earth for a few hundred years of decomposition.

- Transition

My motivation of doing business is NEVER money in the first place, not because I don't need it.
What I learn when I was young: the relationship and people's trust & loyalty in your brand & company, is not something
cheap price can win.

I do what I do purely because I love doing it, and wanting to set a good example for the accessories industry, promoting responsible manufacturing.

I started to find out about who's Vodafone's service agents for phones etc, and I found Anonymous (sorry cannot be named)
NZ Ltd to be the one in christchruch, I approached them and to my surprise, they are having a hard time
finding reliable genuine apple parts supplier in NZ and overseas. (they've been stung several times on
trademe prior to meeting me)

And we started doing some good business together...

MobilefoneRescue (MFR) is started by Allan and Richard, both good business man who had a solid belief
in doing good business.. They are reducing the numbers of phones going into recycling dump, by repairing
hundreds and thousands of them. They are currently the official agent for Vodafone and Sony Ericsson.
(image to the right)

- The Future

Now it's 2011, we are designing our own iPhone accessories and setting up manufacturing processes here in NZ, please refer to:.
our iPhone accessories page for more details.

As for our company in 2011, we have acquired a few more domain names:
and we are in expansion mode..

We have 1 service Centre in Christchurch (City centre) and (Riccarton road)
1 partner service centre in Auckland (Mt Wellington) and (Birkenhead, North Shore)

Best wishes

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