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What We Do

Partsurf Ltd. does not only distribute and wholesale products worldwide but we also engage in research, design and engineering products and projects.

Partsurf Ltd. is a global industrial design company, we design accessories and components that works with products from brands like Apple, Nike, HP, Dell, Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Texas Instrument, HCL, Emergency and Humanitarian purposes.

We are working on::

1. QI Standard Inductive Wireless Charger.
2. PMA Standard Wireless Charger
3. Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charger

Our core design principle

Practical - designed to improve life, form follows function.

Environmentally responsible - everything from product to packaging is made from recyclable materials, minimal use of plastics

Good Value / Price ratio


Designs are useless without engineering and process.

We work with the best OEM manufacturers, Chip solution providers and Exterior processor in the world: Taxas Instrument, Compart Group are our cord engineering consulting partner.

Our principle

Built to LAST - 2 year warranty on every product

Test and more test - A minimum of 200 unique users for testing every product.

Green Manufacturing - we investigate every level of product formation/assembly to make sure our environmental footprint per product is kept to a minimum.

Safety - we use the material guidelines from Apple inc. & LEGO to ensure the safety of our products.

Recyclability - using aluminum in most our products, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint from start to finish of the entire product life, just like apple.

Bombshell Case
Aluminium: BombShell Aluminium Case, Graphene Series Aluminium
Ceramic: F35 JSF Ceramic Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 (protection of drop from 20 story high)

Titanium: BombShell Case


Material choice:

1. Aluminium Alloy
2. Titainium Alloy
3. Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)
4. Ceramic (Alumina)
5. Alpha Gel or XGel

CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composite)
Bullet cannot penetrate
Conventional Ceramic
(bullet penetration)

Ceramics are well known for their tendency to fail in a brittle, catastrophic fashion (think window glass or china dinnerware). However, GE scientists at GE Global Research. We will not be using this exact same material due to prohibitive cost. ($50~100 USD per square inch and prohibitive for export out of US). We are working hard in our labs in Australia and China to develop our own Ceramic Matrix Composite material for iPhone 4. iPhone 5 cases and all future cases. Unlike GE's composite material, which withstood the ballistic test, relatively high strength ceramics, such as silicon carbide or silicon nitride, fail catastrophically. The video above shows the result of firing a steel ball projectile into a silicon carbide plate at more than 150 mp
Alpha Gel - super anti-shock
Egg Drop from 20meters not breaking
Superhydrophobic Surfaces Coating
Anti-water and dust with nano coating
With so many designer / manufacturers just focusing on superficial look and the style, we will sure stand out as the best with our product & attention to detail.
Our principle in design has always been, Usefulness, Recyclability and Usability. A-Gel will be used as part of our case. They are not cheap but they are extremely effective, cheaper than paying for a new iPhone 4 glass.
In extreme weather conditions, condensation sometimes forms on the iPhone 4 surface, as well as finger print and water moistures. one version of our case is going to be ceramic with 20~30 times more shatter resistant than iPhone 4's original glass, therefore it's important that it lasts longer without scratch or wear and tear.



70% of the iPhones are damaged due to the corner drop where corners are landed on the concrete or hard surface. Sometimes what happens is : on the 1st drop, the iPhone's front corner and steel band is damaged, then on the bounce from the surface, the iPhone's back cover (glass) is damaged as well. According to our repair ratio, there's about 1 in 10 iphone will be damaged on the both side, 5 in 10 iPhone will be damaged on one side during its life.

Almost EVERY SINGLE iPhone 4 will have different levels of damaged / scratch at some time of it's life. (every iphone 4 is dropped from time to time, you just can't not drop a mobilephone )


Our case reflects iPhone 4's original design, simple and stylish, and a reflection you being the best you can. Photos will be posted in a few weeks for a sneak peak.


Our aluminium case is easy to recycle, you can either send it back to us, or send it to local refuse station, they'll be happy to recycle aluminium.

Ceramics are however much more costly to recycle, not to mention ceramic Matrix Composite.


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