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We are one of the many service & repair agents for iPhones in NZ, but we are unique
because of our belief, our experience and highest level of expertise & professionalism.

Below is what we do to ensure our service quality and speed.

Three stages in Our Service Road Map.

1. Pre-service (3~5mins)
iphone come in (drop off / mailed in) from customer after (demo image here)

a) brief problem description
b) pre-service agreement
c) delivery instructions

and then ...
iphone condition checked & accessed (including opening the phone) by tech & memo reports
communicate with customer directly back, just in case there'r other faults with the phone, that customer may not notice
(demo image here)

and then ...
price quote and if agreed - order raised & emailed cust

2. Servicing (20~40mins)
a) iphone repairing by tech
b) iphone testing: functional test, vibration test, drop test,
c) invoice raised & emailed to cust including warranty terms and conditions. (3 months on labour, 12 months on parts)

3. Delivery (5 mins)
a) carefully package iphone to be picked up by courier post
b) scan tracking number and cust are notified by email (instant txt notification coming on april 2011)

4. After Sales
a) cust emailed in 3 month to check iphone condition
b) cust emailed 12 month to check iphone condition

Now you know what we do, please see our customer testimonials on trademe here: Feedbacks on Trademe
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