By Nathan on: 21-December-2012

Taipei, Sept. 6, 2011 (CENS)--With the upcoming iPad 3 to feature a thinner, lighter battery module that is widely believed to be priced 20-30% higher than iPad 2’s, Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp., both Apple Inc.’s contract suppliers of iPad and Macbook battery packs, will hence secure a surefire profit drive for the near future.

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This is an old news we dug up..
We have according to our sources close to factories (Foxconn, Foxlink, Dynapack and Simplo technology), iPad 3's battery is going to be shipped on the Xth month of 2012. (cannot disclose), mass production has already started. iPad 3 is due to release on either March 2012 or May/June 2012, it will be a smash hit yet again.

Partsurf NZ Ltd have direct buying right from Dynapack and Simplo tech, due to our huge volume. We are the distributor of them in AU and NZ supplying customers of choice, not to public.
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Institutional investors pointed out that the battery pack for iPad 3, scheduled to be massively produced in the first quarter of next year, has been redesigned to be thinner and lighter with a longer service life than iPad 2 edition’s.

Furthermore, the new battery pack will also be required to meet CTIA IEEE 1625 standard for better quality and safety reliability, a trend that has been commonly seen nowadays, especially in the U.S. For example, consumer electronic devices with coming ordinary battery packs are banned by AT&T, the country’s largest service provider, from sales on its product shelf as well as from its mobile network services, until with IEEE1625-certificated battery packs.

Therefore, iPad 3 battery module will call for advanced technologies, selling for a higher price to benefit Simplo and Dynapack for sure, especially when the two companies have had their battery packs pass the IEEE 1625 test as the only two battery makers in Taiwan for the moment.

Riding on increasing sales of iPad 2, institutional investors noted, both Simplo and Dynapack will see their sales revenues for the third quarter of this year surge 10-15% from a quarter earlier. With iPad 3 battery packs said to be delivered starting in the fourth quarter, the two companies are likely to record new highs in revenues for the quarter.

In fact, the industry’s prosperity driven by tablet PCs so far this year has been confirmed by Simplo’s chairman Raymond Sung, who said at an investor conference that his company’s annual revenue for the year is estimated to shoot up 20%, with the growth mainly led by shipments of tablet PC battery packs. The boom, he predicted, will linger into next year.

(by Steve Chuang) Original sourcehttp://cens.com/cens/html/en/news/news_inner_37633.html

By Nathan on: 27-December-2012

A very good article about large accounts management.

At Partsurf NZ's parent company, seasantech, we generally deal with customers with revenue/profit 50~100 million USD in scale. Per order size usually above 100K USD.

Due to our focused product line and large order volumes with oem. we can afford to supply distributors with IT goods with the lowest margin and OEM quality, right next to branded manufacturers.

However the situations arises lately had made doing business more difficult, there are several key factors influencing our market or general oem market

1. Cheap copy goods

Lately on many markets, US,EU, UK,AU etc.. many smaller wholesalers starting to pop up everywhere, most of them chinese & indian owned and operated. Actively lowering the prices in general, eroding the margin as well as quantity of our distributors and their B2B re-sellers.

What is worse is that goods sold to the end consumers are not high quality OEM goods we supply from the OEM factories, but rather 3rd party factories with no quality testing, or knock off and copies of originals to the worst degree, infringing brand owner's copyright (namely HP/Dell/Apple/Delta/Acer)

We do not wish to pursuit them due to the court cost is mostly not re-coverable until they are big enough to pay the damages.

2. Raising material cost

Oil, and Copper is the main ingredient in electronic industry, without the two there won't be cheap computers & MP3s. We (oem manufacturers) have enjoyed a roughly 15 years of rapid growth (5~20% yearly steady grow since 1990), now this has come to a corner, we are forced to shift our fundamental way of business or we face going out of business within the next 10~15 years, which is not long in our industry.

Manufacturers like us rely on large volume, cheap labour and readily available free capital to stay afloat. The fact that foxconn grew so large is due to its owner's belief, not just its way of doing business.

As we all know we have reach the peak oil on early 1970s (just that government does not wish to admit it publicly to cause panic), combined with copper mine's depletion and record low global inventory level due to demand.

What people needs to understand is that mining does not only depletes the QUANTITY of the mine,but also the"QUALITY" of the mine. (we'll explain this in detail later.)

To be continued...

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