Partsurf 12 months parts warranty

Partsurf 12 months parts warranty

All our products are covered by a 3-month warranty, for return and replacement, with exceptions below:

For repair parts: 3 months warranty only applies after a tested successful installation*.

For Repairs Performed by us : 3 months parts warranty after a tested successful installation*.
Installation and repair of the phone / device should only be attempted by a qualified or experienced technician who has experience in repairing the exact same device.

After the repair, any problem incurred with any functions of the phone, if not noticed before repair, we'll not be covering the repair cost. However in exceptional cases, or if you are a senior citizen, we'll gladly take care of it if the problem is not with Phone's motherboard or very expensive part.

Tutorials on our websites functions as guideline only. As a customer, you can always DIY, however at any point not sure, please stop and contact us asap, do not proceed with force.

Any factories that supply us with products have been evaluated by us and will have consistent high quality and adequate stock to supply small, medium, and large order quantities.

We check all orders to make sure it works on the corresponding phone before dispatch.

Should there be an unsuccessful installation, the only parties who can verify the parts being faulty when supplied is either Partsurf NZ Ltd, or a local brand service agent, namely, Sony Ericsson's Official agent: MobilefoneRescue NZ Ltd.

Tested successful installation* - for iPhone: Wifi testing, Google Map testing, Speaker (upper and lower), Camera (front and back), GSM signal, Calling, Texting, Bluetooth, proximity censor. (please see this page for full testing instructions.)

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Warranty is valid from the date of receiving the product. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.

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